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Connecting dealerships to private sellers

Gencific software connects you to private sellers around your dealership

Why Use Gencific

Exclusive leads in your marketplace

More leads means a greater opportunity for more purchased vehicles, and the acquisition of more customers – customers you might not have reached before. Many private sellers are repurchasing another vehicle. When acquiring new customers, there is arguably no better market to target than the private sales market.

Minimize acquisition costs

Purchasing vehicles from auctions can add up; auction fees, transportation costs, and competition with fellow bidders all increase the final purchase fee of the vehicle. What’s more – many of these vehicles come from unwanted trade-ins from the customers of other dealerships. Why pay more? Bypass all the extra steps and start where it begins – with the consumer.

Obtain inventory

Having access to good quality inventory is becoming increasingly difficult.

Gencific connects you directly with private sellers, affording you the opportunity to learn about the vehicle at your own pace, and an ability to place a value on the vehicle without the pressures of any other bidders.

Build a profitable wholesale revenue stream

There is potential to profit on every vehicle in the marketplace. Gencific provides you with an opportunity to purchase vehicles directly from the public and, in turn, remarketing the wholesale product to your existing network for greater wholesale revenue streams.

Dealership’s Benefits Using Gencific


Gencific puts your dealership’s name exclusively in front of private sellers in your marketplace.

Be the first point of contact

Be the first to learn of new private listings and be the first to contact private sellers, giving you the first opportunity to buy from the private market.

Get the customer into your store

Gencific gives you the opportunity to earn new business by turning private sellers into retail customers.

Inventory and wholesale pieces

Boost your inventory with premium product – you keep the cherries.
Increase your wholesale revenue streams.


When joining Gencific, we keep your market area exclusive to you. This is only available to one dealership per area. Find out if your area is still available today.

No start up costs

Only a monthly subscription fee gets you started.  


Glad we got on this lead gen system. Getting leads all the time. It’s a great source for a very fair price. Thanks a lot. Have recommended it to others in our dealer 20 group already.


Great tool to attract new customers. We get a lot of people seeing our name, visiting our website and calling us as a result of the leads Gencific provides. The fact that our dealership has exclusive rights on it for our area we feel is a major competitive advantage.


Simple service. For less than the price of an employee I can have a system doing a lot of the heavy lifting before having a seasoned acquisition expert take over.